Hello peeps

Apparently I havent been the most savvy blogger. I wrote one post and stopped. Well Im back to get my blog cracking. Saying what I feel when I feel it. My blog was supposed to be about the repurposed items that I make and sell. Well Ive decided to do something different.  Perhaps just post what I feel and take it from there.
Happy reading!



Hey wonderful peeps!


Check out me lil short shorts from the thrift. 1 buck!

Welcome to my blog cheapshyt. Im sure many would like to know WHY I would name my blog cheapshyt. What does that mean?
It started as a joke when my best friend and I would joke about finding bargains in various places. Especially thrift stores and cosignment shops. We would joke, “girl that is some nice cheapshyt that you are wearing!”
So its not really that the items are really “cheap” but a bargain.
So this blog will primarily be about my thrift store finds and how to repurpose clothing and various items to make them trendy and wearable.